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Arica Nativa was born far from the cities, sharing beautiful films in Andean communities, in the valleys, foothills and plateau of Arica and Parinacota, while we were restoring heritage, with mud, stones and wild straw *.

After 15 years of good walking and many friendships, Arica Nativa continues to be a very rare festival, a modest festival of native films that seeks something as powerful and necessary as making new generations fall in love with preserving the natural and cultural treasures of the planet, which they guard communities away from cities.

They ask us what it means to be Nativ @. And we respond by repeating what wise people we have met along the way transmitted to us: to be in the world with humility and joy, connected with Mother Earth and our ancestors, looking at the future with an eye on the origin, always rebellious and enthusiastic. to achieve a more community, fair and sustainable world. The icon of the festival is a geoglyph left by the old Andean cultures in the Lluta valley, near Arica, which marks the path for the old caravans that connected the plateau and the coast, the troperas and herdsmen who went around the world sharing effort, their culture and their friendship.

In 2021 we turn 16, when we live an emergency that forces us to rethink many things as a species to move forward. We invite with special enthusiasm the audiovisual artisans, the activist filmmakers of the planet, to create together this festival of native films, dedicated with affection to the rural and indigenous communities of the world, which today, more than ever and urgently, we must listen carefully ... May it be in good time, Jallalla!

* Arica Nativa is one of the permanent projects of Fundación Altiplano, a non-profit organization that accompanies Andean and rural communities in need of conserving their heritage at risk.

Púrpura - azul degradado


Jenny Velapatiño


Angel Parra



Great creators who have received the main prize of Arica Nativa, reserved for generous spirits who go around the world sharing culture and joy.Great creators who have received the main prize of Arica Nativa, reserved for generous spirits who go around the world sharing culture and happiness.







Arturo Sinclair 2 por si la otra es muy malaza.jpg
Arturo Sinclair 2 por si la otra es muy malaza.jpg

Filmmaker, creative director and teacher with more than 35 years of experience in cinematography. 15 years of academic experience as a professor at Ithaca College and the University of Florida. Director of the Native Film School since 2018.

Juanita Ringeling.jpg
Juanita Ringeling.jpg

Actress trained at the Catholic University of Chile with outstanding participation in film and television productions, and as a host in Carnival, the world is celebrating. Inspired by the conservation of native seeds, she is part of the Mamita Nativa team, to highlight ancestral gastronomy.

Miriam Heard.jpg
Miriam Heard.jpg

He studied Letters at the University of Oxford, theater in London and in Paris. His works include several films by Raúl Ruiz. She collaborated as an actress and screenwriter with Valeria Sarmiento in the film María Graham. She studied film at NYU and works as a director, screenwriter, actress.

Marcos de Aguirre.jpg
Marcos de Aguirre.jpg

Sound engineer (since 1978) for film crews from Germany, Spain, Finland and the United States. Responsible for the first post-production studio at Filmocentro Sonido. Executive President of FILMOSONIDO.

Cristian Heinsen.jpg
Cristian Heinsen.jpg

Bachelor of Letters, Master in Creative Documentary, MBA, founder and executive director of Fundación Altiplano, founder and former director of Arica Nativa.

2019 Poblado de Timar.jpg


Those who make the 16th Native Film Festival possible...

We appreciate the constant support of the Fundación Altiplano team and our permanent collaborators:

Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage through the Agreement Other Collaborating State Institutions. SEREMI of Cultures, Arts and Heritage, Arica and Parinacota. Community of Timar, Codpa and Putre.

We especially thank the Arica Nativa Friends' Table:

Maximiliano Manríquez, Cerro Chuño Cultural Center; Marta Salgado, Black Gold NGO; Coordinator of Indigenous Women of Original Peoples of Arica and Parinacota; Máximo Karl, Azapa Olive Growers Association; Roberto “Cala” Torres, Arica Activa Foundation; Víctor Rebolledo, Department of Culture of the Municipality of Arica; Mijail Poblete, Seremi Cultures, Arts and Heritage; Albert Neira, Tortugas Arica NGO; Francisco Huichaqueo; Francisco Toro; Daniel Hermosilla, CeCrea; Magdalena Opazo, CeCrea Arica; Fernando Montanares, MB2 Cultural Center; Berta Tello, Professor Wawa; Alejandra Fritis, Fish Eye; Nuri Milanez, Junji; Roberto Parra, Wawa professor; Merita Huanca, Community of Timar; Elvira Espejo, Great Tropera; Nancy Alanoca, Community of Belen.

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