Arica Nativa was born far from the cities, sharing beautiful films in Andean communities, in the valleys, foothills and plateau of Arica and Parinacota, while we were restoring heritage, with mud, stones and wild straw *.

After 15 years of good walking and many friendships, Arica Nativa continues to be a very rare festival, a modest festival of native films that seeks something as powerful and necessary as making new generations fall in love with preserving the natural and cultural treasures of the planet, which they guard communities away from cities.

They ask us what it means to be Nativ @. And we respond by repeating what wise people we have met along the way transmitted to us: to be in the world with humility and joy, connected with Mother Earth and our ancestors, looking at the future with an eye on the origin, always rebellious and enthusiastic. to achieve a more community, fair and sustainable world. The icon of the festival is a geoglyph left by the old Andean cultures in the Lluta valley, near Arica, which marks the path for the old caravans that connected the plateau and the coast, the troperas and herdsmen who went around the world sharing effort, their culture and their friendship.

In 2021 we turn 16, when we live an emergency that forces us to rethink many things as a species to move forward. We invite with special enthusiasm the audiovisual artisans, the activist filmmakers of the planet, to create together this festival of native films, dedicated with affection to the rural and indigenous communities of the world, which today, more than ever and urgently, we must listen carefully ... May it be in good time, Jallalla!

* Arica Nativa is one of the permanent projects of Fundación Altiplano, a non-profit organization that accompanies Andean and rural communities in need of conserving their heritage at risk.

Púrpura - azul degradado

 sustainable conservation 
native arica and altiplano foundation 

política de sostenibilidad

Arica Nativa es parte de un esfuerzo permanente por promover desarrollo sostenible desde la conservación de los tesoros naturales y culturales del planeta. Su propósito y objetivo se nutren del modelo de Conservación Sostenible en Comunidad.


En sus 16 ediciones, Arica Nativa siempre ha tenido en especial atención al urgente desafío de sostenibilidad del planeta. Su compromiso de sostenibilidad se formaliza en la siguiente declaración estratégica, estructurada en los 4 ejes de desarrollo sostenible. Son 12 desafíos/objetivos de sostenibilidad para guiar e inspirar a las actividades del programa anual.

Ecológicamente Soportable:

· Cero generación de plásticos

· Impresión de sólo 10% de material gráfico

· Plataforma de comunicación disponible para activismo medioambiental


Socialmente equitativo:

· 80% de las actividades gratis y becas para las con costo

· Foco especial en nuevas generaciones y tercera edad

· Liderazgo femenino e inclusión de minorías y diversidad

Culturalmente pertinente:

· Liderazgo de comunidades locales (andina, afro, oficios, entre otras)

· Conversación creativa de las culturas locales/regionales

· Participación/aprendizaje para creadores privados

Económicamente viable:

· Equilibrio de fondos públicos y aportes privados