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Legal terms and general conditions of use of the website


First: generalities

This document, prepared on January 1, 2020, regulates the general terms and conditions applicable to the access and use that the User will make of the Website: (hereinafter “ARICA NATIVA”, “www.aricanativa. cl "or" the Website "indistinctly), as well as any type of information, content, image, video, audio or other material communicated or present on the Website.


For the purposes of this document, "Website" will be understood as: the external appearance of the screen interfaces, both aesthetically and dynamically, that is, the navigation tree; and all the elements integrated both in the screen interfaces and in the navigation tree (hereinafter, "Contents") and all those online services or memories that may be offered to users (hereinafter, "Services").


ARICA NATIVA reserves the right to modify, at any time, and without prior notice, the presentation and configuration of the Website and the Contents and Services that may be incorporated in it. The User acknowledges and accepts that at any time ARICA NATIVA may interrupt, deactivate and / or cancel any of these elements that are integrated into the Website or access to them.


Access and use of the website and the related or annexed content, described in this document, will be governed entirely by the laws of the Republic of Chile. Consequently, the visits that the user makes on the platform that they represent on the website, as well as the legal effects that these may have, are subject to the laws and jurisdiction of the courts of the Republic of Chile. Of particular importance are the application of Law No. 19,628 on Protection of Personal Data and Law No. 19,496 on Consumer Rights.


Additionally, this website and its General Conditions are intended for all types of users, regardless of their nationality and place of residence, as soon as there is primacy over the application of Chilean legislation for specific cases.


In addition to these General Terms and Conditions, the Website has a Privacy Policy that describes the way in which the User's information and personal data is processed when the User visits the Website, as well as the way in which they are used and stored. the cookies.


For more information, visit the Privacy Policy contained in the Website, which is contained in the following link:


By accessing the Website, the User declares to be aware of the Privacy Policy.


The user is recommended to carefully read the content of these General Terms and Conditions of Use, as well as print and keep a copy of them on a local storage disk drive, or portable storage, for their convenience and security.

Second: Information from the website

The ownership of ARICA NATIVA corresponds to Fundación Altiplano, RUT: 65.122.070-k; Duly represented by Mr. Cristian Heinsen Planella, who holds the following position: Executive Director.


Additionally, for the purposes of any type of communication, presentation, query or claim related to the use or operation of the Website, ARICA NATIVA will receive all types of communications to the email: Altiplano Foundation, is domiciled for these purposes in Andrés Bello 1515, Arica commune.

Third: User

Access to this Website, navigation and use of it, as well as any space enabled to interact between Users, or between it and the Website (comment sections, blogging and microblogging spaces, and extensions for this function), will confer on people the status of "User". Therefore, it is understood that the Terms and Conditions present in this document are accepted from the moment of accessing the Website or its contents, as well as all types of future modifications made to the Terms and Conditions, without prejudice to what could establish future legislation enacted in the Republic of Chile destined to regulate this class of documents, or that would be applicable to the use of the Website.


Additionally, access to the Website by Users will be free and free, without the latter having to pay to access the site or its contents, beyond the cost of the Internet connection, where applicable.


User registration in sections

Acceptance of these Terms and Conditions at the time of registration by the User will be a necessary requirement for the use of the Website. Additionally, the User must designate an access key or password.  


These Terms and Conditions will be understood to be known and accepted by the mere fact of registering the User, an act in which an express declaration of the User regarding the knowledge of these conditions of use will be included.


The registration of each User will be verified by completing and subscribing the form that for these purposes will be provided by the Website, as well as its subsequent submission, which will be specified by means of the User clicking on the respective element of the Website .

Secret password.


Once registered, the user will have at their disposal a name and a password or secret code, through which they can enter the requested section and have access to its contents.


The User fully assumes his responsibility for maintaining the confidentiality of his password or secret key registered on the Website. Said password or key is for personal use, so its voluntary delivery to a third party by the User does not entail any type of responsibility on the part of Arica Nativa, nor of its affiliates and representatives, in case of malicious use.  


Responsibility of the Users

ARICA NATIVA provides the User with a service characterized by the diversity of the content provided. The User assumes his responsibility when entering the Website, to make correct use of it and its contents. Thus, this responsibility will extend, in a non-exhaustive way, to:


  • Use the information, Content and / or Services offered by ARICA NATIVA, without being contrary to these Terms and Conditions, as well as the Chilean Legal System and Moral and Public Order, or that in any other way could lead to the violation of rights third parties, or the normal functioning and operations of the Website.

  • The veracity and legality of the data and information provided by the User in the registration forms on the Website. In any case, the User will immediately notify ARICA NATIVA about any fact related to the improper use of information registered in said forms, such as, but not only, theft, loss, or unauthorized access to identifiers and / or passwords, in order to proceed with their immediate cancellation.


ARICA NATIVA reserves the right to withdraw all those comments and interactions emanating from Users that violate the law, respect for the dignity of the person, that are discriminatory based on race, nationality, sex, sexual orientation, race or condition, as well as well as those that contain pornographic content or that constitute messages known as “spam”, or that violate youth or childhood, order, or public safety or that, in the opinion of ARICA NATIVA, are not appropriate for the Website.


In any case, ARICA NATIVA is not responsible for the opinions, of any kind, issued by Users through comments or blogging or microblogging tools or extensions.


Simple access to does not imply a commercial relationship between ARICA NATIVA and the User.

Legal capacity  


The Website does not require a minimum age to access its Content and Services; therefore, these Terms and Conditions shall apply without distinction to all Users of the Website who comply with the provisions of this document.


Even so, the legal rules of capacity established in the legal system will govern in all those cases where their application is pertinent. Therefore, if a person does not have the legal capacity to contract, they must refrain from using the Contents and Services that require this capacity. ARICA NATIVA may, at any time, temporarily or permanently, suspend the participation of users who are found to lack the legal capacity to use the Services and Content that require it, or who provide false, inaccurate or fraudulent information to the Website.


The Website is aimed mainly at Users residing in the Republic of Chile. ARICA NATIVA does not ensure that the Website complies, partially or totally, with the laws of other countries. If the User resides or is domiciled in a foreign country, and decides to access and / or navigate this Website, he will do so under his own responsibility, ensuring that such access and navigation complies with the provisions of the local legislation that is applicable. , not assuming ARICA NATIVA any responsibility that may derive from said access.


Fourth: Rights and guarantees of the User of the Site

The User will enjoy all the rights recognized by the legislation on consumer protection in force in Chile, in addition to the rights granted by these Terms and Conditions. In addition, the User will have at all times the rights to information, rectification and cancellation of personal data in accordance with Law No. 19,628 on the protection of personal data.

Fifth: Responsibility

ARICA NATIVA will not respond, in any case, for the following facts:


  • Improper use that User or visitor to the Website make of the stored content, as well as the industrial or intellectual property rights contained in the Website.

  • Damages, concrete or eventual, caused to Users derived from the operation of the search tools of the Website, as well as errors generated by technical elements of the Site or the search engine.

  • Content of Websites that Users can access with or without authorization from ARICA NATIVA.  

  • Loss, misuse or unauthorized use of password or validation codes, either by the User or a third party, in the manner expressed in these Terms and Conditions. In the same way, the parties acknowledge and record that the computer support provided by is not infallible, therefore, circumstances beyond the control of ARICA NATIVA may occur that may cause the Website or its platform are not operational for a certain period of time.

  • Information referring to ARICA NATIVA found on Websites other than or unrelated to


In case of being faced with any of these assumptions, Arica Nativa will take the measures to restore the correct functioning of the Website and its communication system as soon as possible, without any type of responsibility being imputed for that.


ARICA NATIVA does not guarantee availability or continuity of operation of the Website, nor that at any time, Users can access it.


ARICA NATIVA is not responsible for the existence of viruses or other harmful elements in the documents or files stored in the computer systems of all kinds owned by the Users. ARICA NATIVA will not be liable for damages caused to the User, derived from the improper use of the technologies and platforms made available to them, regardless of the way in which these technological elements are used improperly. Likewise, ARICA NATIVA will not be liable for damages caused by the improper use or bad faith of the Users when using


Six: Data security policy

ARICA NATIVA will adopt all the necessary measures to protect the data of its Users and secret key, such as information encryption system, security certificates and other copies or equivalents that ARICA NATIVA considers prudent for these purposes. In the event of changes made by the User in the information registered or entered on the Website, or, if any type of irregularity attributable to the User occurs related to the information provided or simply as a measure of identity protection, The Website staff will contact the User, either by telephone or by email, to corroborate the data and information, as well as to avoid the existence of possible fraud.

Personal information

By accessing the Website, Users or visitors guarantee that the information they provide to enter is true, complete, accurate and up-to-date.


In accordance with the provisions of Law No. 19,628 on the Protection of Personal Data, data of this type that is provided to the Website, becomes part of a database belonging to Arica NATIVA and will be used solely and exclusively for the purposes that motivated its delivery, especially for communication between ARICA NATIVA and its Users, and answering queries. These data will never be communicated or shared with other companies without the express authorization of its owner (the User) nor will they be transferred internationally.


ARICA NATIVA will never ask its Users to provide personal or financial data through emails.


ARICA NATIVA presumes that the data entered by Users or by persons authorized by them are correct and exact.


Notwithstanding the foregoing, ARICA NATIVA guarantees all its Users the free exercise of the rights contemplated in Law No. 19,628 on the Protection of Personal Data regarding the information, modification, cancellation and blocking of their personal data. Consequently, Users may make requests related to the aforementioned rights, which will be answered by ARICA NATIVA within a period not exceeding two calendar days.


Seventh: Intellectual property and rights reserved

All rights present on the Website, including intellectual property, regarding the Website itself, pages and other types of content, such as, but not limited to, texts of all kinds, graphic or audiovisual material (including, but not limited to, limited to images, audio clips and videos), logos and logos, icons of all kinds, downloadable material and content, compilations of data and information and source codes of the page, are the property of ARICA NATIVA.


Likewise, all or part of the content mentioned in the previous paragraph is registered as a trademark, creation or commercial image, therefore, the rights are owned by ARICA NATIVA, and its improper use and reproduction for commercial purposes is prohibited. without prior authorization, as well as its use in any way that could discredit or negatively affect ARICA NATIVA.


Any other trademark that has a presence on the Website and whose rights are not owned by ARICA NATIVA, belongs to its owners.  


Eighth: Changes in the Terms and Conditions

The User is empowered and may review the updated version of the Terms and Conditions at any time on the Website.


ARICA NATIVA reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to update, modify or replace any part of these Terms and Conditions by posting updates and changes on the Website. It is the User's responsibility to review the Website periodically to verify changes. Continued use and / or access to the Website after the publication of any update to these Terms and Conditions implies acceptance of said changes.


Ninth: Contact information

For more information, about the Terms and Conditions of the Website should be sent to

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