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native school

native film creation workshop

The Native School was born from Arica Nativa, Native Film Festival that in 2021 turns 16 years old. The School begins as a cycle of workshops to train new and new filmmakers who fall in love with the rural and Andean world, far from the cities.
We started in Putre, in the heights, with girls and boys, recreating the Thunupa Myth ... then in Arica, with young people who did not know the treasure of the Andean world. Over time, the school dedicated itself each year to new filmmakers in the region, with master sessions by guests of the festival.

The Festival invites women and men from anywhere in the world, from the age of 15 to be part of this creative learning, through an online participatory methodology, which will be directed by Arturo Sinclair, Director of the Workshop, director, creative director and professor with vast experience in cinematography; and great guest professors, Mer García Navas, art director and doctor in audiovisual communication; Carlos Ferrand, Director, documentary maker and director of photography; Juan Manuel González, director with production experience in Mexico and America.

This year the Festival has become friends with the Intercultural University of Mexico, which allowed 5 scholarships to be part of the Workshop totally free.

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creation workshop
from native movies

October 11-28, 2021

Creative training for the preparation of short film proposals, development of languages, scripts, models, scenography, handling of tools, production advice and art direction. 

quotas: 30 people

virtual mode  

value: 10.000 (clp) $ 12.9 (usd)
* only selected people

5 scholarships available for people belonging to indigenous communities


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project lab

workshop development of film production folders

This is an invitation to promote the audiovisual creation of Chile and the Andean South, supporting the growth of the selected projects through specialized advice, improving the possibilities of consolidating their objectives.


The Arica Nativa School of Projects will be developed using participatory methodologies in encounters via zoom, where the people selected under call will improve their proposals and ties in different laboratories around the world.


The training program is carried out thanks to an alliance between Arica Nativa, Bolivia Lab, Mendoza FilmLab and Las Alturas de Jujuy International Film Festival.


The School of Native Films is an activity that is part of the Sarañani Conservation School of the Altiplano Foundation; the first school in America dedicated to training community leaders to face the challenge of heritage conservation and sustainable development of the planet.

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Extensión de convocatoria Laboratorio de proyectos

project lab

Film production folder development workshop.

September 20-27

Specialized training and project advice from the script, direction and production. Improve your technical skills for the development of audiovisual projects.

quotas: 7 projects

virtual mode